Come Back Fast, Yaar: Fliers Get Nostalgic As Jet Airways Talks About ‘Imli Candy’ | See Tweets

Viral News: Jet Airways is set to start operation in the coming days and the first batch of experienced cabin crew has started the service training. With just a few days left, fliers became nostalgic when Jet Airways said that the airline is coming back soon with its Imli Candy. The airline informed on social media platform Twitter that passengers’ favourite Imli candy will soon be back as the airline will take off its operation.Also Read – Man Murders English While Translating Mere Pas Ma Hai Dialogue. Watch Hilarious Viral Video

What is the Imli Candy connection, you ask? Notably, the airline served sweet tamarind candies along with inflight meals to all passengers, regardless of travel class and fare type. It had been a holy practice for more than 25 years for the airline until 2019. As tamarind is a good source of vitamin C, its intake also curbs airsickness or jet lag during long-haul flights. Also Read – Gorilla Lovingly Admires Girl Making His Drawing, Viral Video Wins Hearts Online. Watch


“It sure is! Your favourite ‘imli candy’ is coming back soon on all Jet Airways flights! Tell us what’s your ‘imli candy’ story?” said the airline.


Many fliers shared their past experiences about Jet Airways and Imli Candy. Kabir Goswami said: “We fondly remember how me and my sister always insisted our parents to book on Jet Airways for any vacation, just for the cool JetKids stuff. Must continue with the legacy for the next gen.”

Viney Kaushal said: “Some preferred you only for these yummy candies but these were originally served on Indian Airline flights.” Responding to this, Jet Airways CEO Sanjiv Kapoor said: “Actually Jet was the first with imli candies.”

Anirudh Lekhi wrote, “In an era where air travel was still a luxury, the imli candy gave you bragging rights that you were on a plane! My mom would ask the air hostesses for some extra candies for her sons always.”

Premankur Deb shared his photograph saying: “Photo is back in the year 2010 we were flying in Jet Airways B777 Dreamliner from Mumbai to Heathrow.And the imli candy was my all time favourite in Jet flights.Most of my colleagues in cabin crew & I that time are very fond of collecting imli candies for crew.”

Anirrban Ghosh said: “I love everything about you guys. The lights in the cabin to the crew and the food. Simply awesome. Come back fast, yaar.”


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