Corgi doggo loves to eat green apple peels. Watch how it does so in a cute video

Dogs are simply some of the best and most amusing fur babies to be around. Their adorable little antics and day-to-day adventures light up the moods of not only their humans but of everyone else who is observing them. Precisely like this one video that shows how a cute Corgi doggo absolutely loves to eat the peels of an apple. Yes, you read that right.

The Instagram video opens to show the Corgi dog in the frame, along with its human. The human can be seen peeling the green apple in a very enjoyable way. They peel the apple in one go where it doesn’t separate and comes out in a single string.

The dog, of course, makes the most of this position in the most hilarious way and there is a fair chance that the video will make you chuckle out loud. “Apple yummy yummy,” reads the caption to this video. It was shared on the Instagram page devoted to a Welsh Corgi named Essi who is based in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

Watch it below:

Posted on May 30, this video has over 1.35 lakh likes as of now.

“How can I teach that to my doggo?” questions an Instagram user. “What a great arrangement: you peel, he eats peel. Very efficient!” sweetly points out another. “Crunchy fruit roll-up,” commented a third.

How would you respond if your dog did the same?

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