Cute cat stays calm as human gives it eyedrops and a face massage in viral video

Seeing pets, be they cats or dogs, go about their daily routines is definitely one of the Internet’s favourite pastimes. And in one particular video that has very recently been shared on Instagram, one gets to see how a cute pet cat gets some eyedrops from its human. And this action in itself was enough for the video to go quite viral on the social media platform, and rightfully so. The video opens to show the cute cat facing the camera and looking directly into it.

As the video progresses, one gets to see how the cat gets an eye drop in each of its eyes before its human massages this in. Its caption is written in Korean language and has been shared on the Instagram page that is dedicated to the cat and goes by Hoseob. It has over 4.2 lakh followers on it.

Take a look at the cat video right here:

Shared on August 30, this video has over 2.39 lakh likes on it as of now. The cat video has also received various appreciative and funny comments on it.

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