Cute kitten plays with ‘nothing,’ Reddit has some spooky theories on it. Watch

“You know when cats see something that’s not there? That’s a greeble. Only cats can see them. They’re like invisible gremlins that like messing with cats,” that’s what the description of the subReddit r/Greebles that has over 2.32 lakh members on it. And in this particular video that has been shared on the social media platform, one gets to see how a cute kitten can be seen playing with what looks like ‘nothing’ on the floor of the house that it lives in. This particular kitten video has been recorded by the human of the cute little feline and has been wowing Reddit users and will likely have the same effect on you as well.

The video has been shared along with a caption that provides more context as to what can be seen happening. In this video. “Here’s my little 11 week old baby playing with nothing on our floor,” it reads. The caption was followed by emojis of two laughing faces with tears in their eyes.

Watch it below:

Shared around a day ago, this kitten video has received over 8,000 upvotes on it as of now

“This kitten is about to be the only entertainment needed,” posted a Redditor. “The kitten is clearly engaged in mortal combat against a greeble,” shared another. A third shared, “You need to thank this little adorable minion for protecting you against the greeble monster! I hate to think of what would have happened without him there.”

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