Dog and cat meet each other after a year, video of their reunion goes viral

A video that captures the moment when a cat and a dog were reunited a year apart is going viral on social media and has left people teary-eyed. The reunion was made possible after the cat’s forever family requested the dog’s human to watch her for a couple of weeks. “They knew straight away,” read a part of the caption shared alongside the video with crying emoticons.

The caption added, “We first let them see each other through the glass, followed by holding Bobbi in my arms and letting Winnie sniff her. Winnie was so happy and excited to see her (as we expected) that we put Bobbi on the table and let them both do their thing. It was a huge success!”

The reunion video was shared on the Instagram page named Winnie & April. The video opens with a text insert that reads, “Last year we fostered kitten for a few months. She and our dog became instant best friends. ” It then shows how the two bonded before the cat named Bobbi was adopted by her forever family. As the video progresses, the two get reintroduced with a glass door between them. And as soon as they saw each other, they were thrilled so much that they couldn’t stop wagging their tail.

Watch the sweet reunion video below:

The video shared on June 19 has gathered more than 3.8 million views and counting. It has also received several comments.

“I’ve fostered and found homes for 12 dogs and 11 cats and it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done,” posted an individual. “Tail wags X 100000,” commented another. “That tail! It was super sweet of the two families to let their pets see each other again. It’s not easy to foster pets or children,” wrote a third.

An Instagram user commented, “This is one of the most precious things I’ve seen in a long time!” “Why diddn’t you keep the cat? The obvously liked each other that much. Its so heartbroken that there gonna be separated again for the seond time,” another wrote with a crying emoticon.

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