Dog and human exercise together. Watch adorable video

A video of a doggo joining her human while exercising has been going viral of late. While many people have workout partners, Kevin has his own workout partner as well – his cute pet Golden Retriever dog named Ellie. There is a good chance that this adorable dog video will make you smile from ear to ear and brighten up the rest of your day.

The video opens to show Kevin doing a few push-ups, and his dog Ellie sitting on the couch, ensuring that Kevin maintains a proper form. Ellie,* the Golden Retriever, then proceeds to jump onto Kevin’s back. Kevin continues to do his push-ups but with Ellie on top of him. Ellie’s human manages to do two push-ups. Was Ellie giving Kevin a challenge or just wanting him to stop? She hops off Kevin as he lays flat on the ground, leaving him in splits.

The Instagram video has been captioned, “Throwback in honour of Pat’s Run this weekend! This was so much easier when Ellie was a puppy”, remembering the old times, writes the owner of the Instagram page.

Watch it here:

The video was posted on April 22. Since then, the video has amassed over five million views and the numbers are only increasing. The adorable clip has also gathered many reactions in the comment section.

“Hahaha love this,” writes an Instagram user. “The pounce!!” reads another comment. Another shares “LOL love she just hops off at the end”.

What are your thoughts on the dog video?

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