Dog named Weller perfectly represents the ‘if I fits, I sits’ phrase. Watch how

The video of the dog trying to fit in a tiny box even though he has a bigger one to chill in was shared on Instagram.

Anyone who loves to scroll through videos of pets on social media is likely aware of the phrase ‘if I fits, I sits’. The line is often used in reference to cats trying to sit in uncomfortable-looking and tight spaces like small boxes, tiny shelves and more, even though they have more spacious options. The phrase is also sometimes used for dogs who showcase the same antics. A perfect example is an adorable dog named Weller.

A video of Weller shared on an Instagram page called ‘thebernerbunch’ shows the doggo insisting on sitting inside his tiny toy box even though he has a bigger one he can chill in. The video shows that Weller chose the toy box to sit in when he was a tiny puppy and cannot seem to let go of it even though he’s a grown-up dog.

“If I fits, I sits… PS. Weller has a giant toy box… he just thinks it’s a lot more fun to play with and sit in the small ones,” reads the caption shared along with the hilarious video.

Watch the video to enjoy Weller’s actions.

The video was posted on June 17 and since then, it has received over 2.3 lakh likes and several comments from amused netizens.

“Give this child whatever he wants,” comments an Instagram user, and we couldn’t agree more. “I love how he so confidently plops himself down in it,” says another.

Several doggo accounts have also showered reactions in the comments section.

“The tumble is the best thing I’ve ever seen,” reads one. “Aww this is adorable… you sits even when you don’t fits,” says another. “I don’t see anything wrong with this… you still fit perfectly!” reads a third.

What do you think about this video and Weller?

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