Dog sees cat inside the house for the first time, watch what happens after that

If you are someone who has watched enough amount of cartoons growing up, then it might be a familiar myth for you, that dogs scare cats away. But when it comes to reality, one gets to see how not only does the dog not scare this particular cat away, but also gets scared itself, in an interesting turn of events. This video opens to show how a pet dog can be seen intently, looking at a cute little cat. The video makes it quite evident that this is the first time that the dog has seen a cat inside of its house.

While the dog tries to maintain its cool for the first few seconds of this video, it becomes hilariously interesting when it can be seen running out of the room in panic mode. “Cara’s first time meeting a cat inside the house!” reads the caption to it. The video has been shared on the page that is dedicated to the dog and has over 600 followers on it.

Take a look at the dog video below:

Posted on August 28, the video of the dog and the cat has received over 1.59 lakh likes as of now.

“The panic but in purple killed me,” referenced an individual. “Oh no, poor little dog,” wrote another person. “Aww,” said a third.

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