Doggo tries to protect little kid from falling into the pool in cute viral video

Pets are invariably very protective of the humans that they live with. More so, about the little humans or the babies who they share their life with as they grow up together. This particular video that has been shared on Instagram and has been going viral on all the right grounds, shows that kind of a bond between an adorable dog and a cute little kid. The dog does her level best to guard the kid from the pool that she believes might be risky for them.

This dog video that was shared on Instagram comes with the caption that helps viewers understand precisely what is going on in this video and gives them a context to it. “She always puts herself between the kids and the pool,” it reads. There is a good chance that this video will not only make you think about how innocent this dog is but also appreciate her desire to protect the little kid from slipping into the pool.

“My heart,” reads the caption to this video that has been shared on the Instagram page that goes by the name @harborhowls. The page has over 1.26 lakh dedicated followers who look forward to daily photos and videos of this cute doggo.

Watch it below:

The video was only shared on June 9 and has gone so viral that it has received more than 25.1 lakh likes on it and the numbers only keep going up. It also received various comments.

“That has got to be the absolute sweetest thing,” wrote an individual. Another Instagram user commented, “We don’t deserve them, do we? They are so much nobler than we are…Perfect beings.” “When I was really young we used to have a family dog that would always make sure to stand between me and the hillside if I ever got too close,” recounted a third.

What do you feel about this precious doggo trying to protect the little kid?

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