Elderly woman forms bond with dog after initially not being fond of it. Watch

Dogs are such lovely companions and their bonding with their humans is heart-warming to watch. Often times some people who say that they don’t want dogs also end up falling in love with them after their family adopts one. Like this video of an elderly woman who is seen feeding treats to her dog and it’s adorable to watch.

The video was posted on the Instagram account telefauna. The video was shared on June 4 and it has received over 1.53 lakh views so far. “The grandma who didn’t want a dog,” says a text insert on the video. The video shows the elderly woman feeding treats to her dog and playing with it.

“The same grandmother now cuts fresh fruits for Kimchi, makes sure she eats all her meals and always saves prasad for her. All this while also feeding her under the table. This special bond. She always wants to give Kimchi treats,” says the caption of the video.

Watch the video below:

The video has also received more than 11,000 likes and several comments.

“Those who don’t want the kiddo…The kiddo(dog) finds a special way into their heart and soul. They latch on to the person’s who are need of love the most. In my case that was my mom,” commented an Instagram user. “Adorable,” wrote another along with a heart emoticon. “Soooo cute,” said a third.

What are your thoughts on this adorable video?

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