Elephant takes drum lessons in viral video, plays it with its trunk

An incredible video capturing an extremely talented elephant is entertaining netizens, and it will cheer you up in all possibilities. The video, just 39 seconds long, has lakhs of views on Twitter so far, with people gushing over the sight that the elephant is learning how to play the drum from a man and later playing the musical instrument with its trunk.

“There is a drummer in all of us,” read the caption of the video shared on Twitter. It also accompanied an elephant and a laughing emoticon. The video opens with a man playing the drum with sticks while an elephant is patiently watching him. A little while later, the man stops. This is when the elephant uses its trunk to bring the drum closer and plays it perfectly with its trunk.

Watch the video below:

Since being shared on November 10, the video has raked up more than 4.8 lakh views. It has also accumulated more than 7,700 likes and several comments.

“So cool. Love it,” posted an individual. “Beautiful,” expressed another with heart emoticons. “Lovely,” shared a third. “But not everyone keeps the rhythm,” wrote a fourth.

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