Elon Musk’s ‘Twitter friend’ finally gets to meet him in person, shares pic

Pranay Pathole, a software developer working for TCS, took to Twitter to share a picture with his long-time ‘Twitter friend’ Elon Musk at the Gigafactory Texas. Not just this, Pathole also posted a caption where he mentioned how he felt about meeting him and went on to reveal how ‘humble’ and ‘down-to-earth’ the billionaire businessman is.

“It was so great meeting you @elonmusk at the Gigafactory Texas. Never seen such a humble and down-to-earth person. You’re an inspiration to the millions,” read the caption accompanying the photo with a heart emoticon. The photo shows Elon Musk and Pranay Pathole standing next to each other.

Take a look at Pranay Pathole’s Twitter post right here:

Since being shared a few hours ago, the post has raked up more than 12,000 likes and has accumulated over 400 retweets. The share has also received several comments, and many also congratulated Pathole for meeting someone who is an inspiration to millions.

“A dream come true @PPathole…The feeling of meeting someone whom you have admired for so long, would be nothing less than seeing God…. Upwards and onwards from here. Best wishes,” posted a Twitter user. Another wrote, “Wow, that comes as a surprise, Pranay. So awesome. Congratulations! Great photo. You look really happy and Elon seems to enjoy it too. I’m a bit envious, I must admit. Did you guys have time to talk a bit? Please tell us about it.” “Welcome to Texas,” wrote a third.

The duo first interacted in 2018 when Pathole, a second-year engineering student, raised an issue with Tesla’s automatic windscreen wipers and received an instant reply from the man himself. “Fixed in next release,” wrote Elon Musk. Since then, Musk and Pathole have interacted on several occasions via posts and direct messages.

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