Fluffy Golden Retriever puppy wages a war against the mirror. Watch what it does

Social media is flooded with videos of dogs showcasing strange reactions to their own reflection in the mirror. From barking at their mirror reflection to getting surprised by the doggo on the other side who seems to be teasing them, such videos always bring a smile to one’s face. This video of a fluffy Golden Retriever puppy is another addition to such videos and she’ll leave you laughing out loud.

Posted on the pupper’s own Instagram page called ‘skylars.the.limit’, the video features the adventures of Skylar, a “sweet & sassy pup” as her bio describes her. If this video is anything to go by, this description seems extremely apt for the doggo.

In the video, the doggo, a puppy when the video was recorded, can be seen waging a war of sorts against the mirror. From trying to use her paws to using her teeth, she is trying her best to one up her “opponent”.

“Skylar hated the mirror from the beginning… She doesn’t try to eat it anymore but if it stares at her for too long she barks and whines…” reads the caption shared along with the video. “How does your dog react to the mirror?” the caption reads further.

Watch the hilarious video below:

Shared three days ago, the video has collected over 3,000 likes and several comments.

“Skylar twin in the mirror,” reads a comment on the post. “Too funny and cute!’ says another. “

“Brave girl… You would win Skylar,” says a third.

Some people also shared comments about how their pets react to the mirror.

“The mirror doesn’t bother Murray but seeing his reflection in the window freaks him out!” shares an Instagram user. “I’m not that bothered with the mirror, I did wonder why the other puppy was staring back at me when i was younger but didn’t really react,” reads another comment from a doggo’s account.

What do you think about this video? How does your pet react to the mirror?

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