Four-year-old boy saves mom’s life by calling emergency number. This is what he said on the call

Quick thinking of a four-year-boy hailing from Australia helped save his mom’s life after he called the country’s emergency number when his mother suffered a seizure. What is even more surprising is that the kid learned about the importance of the emergency number and how to dial it just a day before the incident. Ambulance Tasmania, a government organisation who responded to the kid’s call, took to Facebook to share the story of his bravery. They also posted the audio recording of the call.

“Four-year-old Monty called Triple-0 to help save his mum’s life – just a day after he was taught the important lesson. The little champion rang for an ambulance after he witnessed his mum Wendy have a seizure and fall to the ground at their Launceston home. He told the Ambulance Tasmania call taker, ‘Mummy fell over’ and let them know their family dog barks but is friendly. The two paramedics who attended were amazed that Monty knew what to do, that he followed all instructions really well, and how calm he was during the incident. Monty has been telling people he isn’t a superhero, just a hero,” they wrote.

They also added some more information about the entire incident and quotes from the little hero’s mom. “‘I’m so proud, he’s my little hero, he certainly has saved the day,’ Wendy said. His mum, who is a Registered Nurse, taught Monty how to unlock her phone and call triple 0 for emergencies. ‘I think it’s really important that we do that and just tell them you should do it if you’re worried. You never know, it could save a life,’ she said. Monty was presented with a well-deserved certificate for his bravery!” they shared. The department also posted a few images of the brave boy.

In yet another post, they shared the audio recording of the call between the boy and the operator who received his call. “We still can’t get over how incredible 4-year-old Monty was when calling Triple-0 for his mum who had a seizure at their Launceston home. Wendy had only taught her son how to unlock her phone and to call for an ambulance the day before the incident after visiting Ambulance Tasmania’s stand at Agfest,” they wrote.

Both the posts received tons of appreciative comments from people. “How awesome! Well done Monty you definitely are a Hero sweetheart, such a brave little man,” posted a Facebook user. “Monty clever boy, well done young man,” commented another. “What an incredible young man,” expressed a third. “Well done Monty, you did a brilliant job! I’m so glad that Mummy is OK,” wrote a fourth.

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