Girl hugs her little brother who was looking lost while taking part in a race

The bond between siblings is one of the strongest as they grow up together and share many memories. It is heart-warming to see videos of elder siblings being protective of their younger ones. Like this video posted on Instagram that shows a girl hugging her little brother and encouraging him while he was participating in a race. The tender moment between the siblings may melt your heart and make you say aww.

The video was posted on Instagram by a woman named Amanda Blake Winnett, who works as a flight crew. “Big sister to the rescue,” says a text insert on the video along with a heart emoji. The video shows kids participating in a race when a little boy looks lost. His elder sister comes over and hugs him. The boy is seen wiping his tears and holding his sister’s hand. Then he begins running again in the race.

Since being posted on May 30, the video has received more than 2.1 million views.

Watch the video here. 

The video has also received more than 1.24 lakh likes and prompted netizens to post several comments.

“When he was ready, she let him go,” commented an Instagram user, along with heart emojis. “Love how big sis smiled when he started to run,” posted another. “Having older siblings is amazing,” said a third. “He got energized after that hug and handhold,” wrote another individual. “Her parents have done an amazing job by showing how to be loving and compassionate,” said a fifth.

What are your thoughts on this wholesome video?

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