‘Go mommy:’ son cheers for mom at nursing school graduation. Watch cute video

To get support from your loved ones during important junctures in your life, is truly one of the most incomparable feelings in this world. Be it friends or family, their support truly means a lot to us. In this video that has recently been shared on Instagram and has been going viral ever since it has been reshared from TikTok, one gets to see one such moment in a woman’s life. The video opens to show how a woman can be seen, graduating from nursing school. As she walks up to the stage to collect her degree, the cutest thing happens and it is and can’t seem to be able to get over it.

“When he proudly stands and claps confidently,” reads the caption that has been shared along with this video. One gets to see how this woman had her sweet little son in the audience who was cheering for her. “Go mommy,” he keeps chanting until she makes her way of this stage and shows him her degree. Everyone in the audience then starts clapping because they too simply loved this adorable moment between the mother and her beloved son.

Take a look at the video below:

This video was posted on September 20 and has already received over 5,500 likes.

“I love all this positive, uplifting, heart-warming stuff. Thank you,” reads a comment from an Instagram user. “He will remember this for a very long time, way to go mom. Great role model he has. Show him the way,” another writes. “Love this,” shares a third.

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