Golden retriever dog shows her ‘superpower’ that is quite useful to have. Watch

Dogs are such wonderful pets and companions who never leave your side. Dogs are the reason of happiness for a lot of people as their furry friends always cheer them up with their cute antics. In an adorable video posted on Instagram, a golden retriever dog is showcasing her superpower. Her superpower is quite useful to have as she has the ability to sleep anywhere. The video of the dog may make you chuckle.

“Why Ellie can sleep sitting up,” says the text insert on the video. The dog can be seen dozing off while sitting in a speedboat. She is also seen steering around the speedboat in another shot at the end of the video. The video was posted one day ago and it has got more than 1.01 lakh views so far.

“One of Ellie’s superpowers is being able to sleep anywhere, anytime,” says the caption of the video.

Watch the video below:

The video has got more than 11,000 likes and several comments.

“Ellie and I have the same superpower,” commented an Instagram user along with a laughing emoji. “Let’s hope she doesn’t fall asleep at the wheel!” wrote another user along with a wink emoticon. “Ellie’s a good boat driver!” said a third. “She looks adorable sleeping and driving the boat! I love you Ellie!” reads another comment. Another dog account posted, “A very useful skill indeed.”

Ellie has more than 3.09 lakh followers on Instagram.

What are your thoughts on this dog’s superpower?

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