Guinness World Records crowns 26-year-old British feline as oldest living cat

Guinness World Records (GWR) officially recognised a 26-year-old British feline named Flossie as the world’s oldest living cat. The cat was born in 1995 and is equivalent to 120 human years. Although in good health, the cat is poorly sighted and deaf.

According to a blog by Guinness World Records, the beautiful brown and black cat, who has seen different homes throughout her life, loves cuddles and food. Her current pet parent, Vicki, describes her as ‘playful and curious’. And one can find Flossie ‘napping by her owner’ in her favourite yellow blanket or enjoying her food.

The organisation added that Flossie was a stray cat who was living in a colony of cats when a worker at the Merseyside hospital adopted her in December 1995. They both lived together for ten years until her human died. She was later adopted by her previous human’s sister and spent 14 years with her until she too passed away. She was finally adopted by Vicki Green, who has experience in caring for senior cats.

Guinness World Records also took to Twitter to share about the world’s oldest living cat. “New record: Oldest living cat – Flossie aged 26 years and 329 days. She’s the human equivalent of 120 years old!” read the caption shared along with the picture of the cat on Twitter. The organisation replied to their own tweet and wrote, “PS: This picture is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.”

Take a look at the Twitter post by Guinness World Records right here:

The tweet was made a few hours ago, and it has since then gathered more than 250 likes. It has also been retweeted several times and collected numerous comments.

“Wonder if Creame Puff will be able to hold their all time #1 record?” read a comment on the post. To this, Guinness World Records replied and wrote, “We’ll find out in, what, 10 years?!” “I hope mine lived that long sheeesh!” posted another.

The Guinness World Records (GWR) earlier recognised a 22-year-old pooch named Gino Wolf as the world’s oldest living dog. The dog was born in September 2000 and was adopted in 2002 by Alex Wolf. The dog is in good health and loves salmon treats and naps by the fire.

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