Harry Styles’ As It Was now has a viral Carnatic version. Heard it yet?

If you are one who keeps up with the latest songs that keep going viral on social media and particularly on Instagram, then it might not come as a jaw-dropper to you that there is a new spin to one of Harry Styles’ tracks. Of course, it has to be his latest and plainly iconic song – As It Was. This particular Carnatic rendition of it has been acquiring popularity ever since it was posted.

The video opens to show the singer in the frame in front of a microphone. He proceeds to sing the song with a lot of tenderness. The song starts with the intact version of As It Was by singer Harry Styles, before the smooth transition into the Carnatic version. The song by Harry Styles is part of his album Harry’s House and was released earlier this year.

This specific Instagram video has been shared with a caption that reads, “As It Was – Carnatic remix.” The singer, Hrishi, posted it on his Instagram page where he has over 76,000 followers. His bio says that while he hails from Tamil Nadu in India, he was brought up in DC.

Watch the video and listen to the Carnatic version of Harry Styles’ As It Was right here:

The video was shared on June 12 and has over 18,000 likes on it so far. It also has several appreciative comments and the numbers only keep going up

“OMG, you’re beyond talented!” posted one. “Music plays a very vital role in my life. In easier words, it’s the only thing that keeps me sane and this version of As It Was right here made me cry. I’m so glad I came across your account,” said another in a very earnest way. “I got goosebumps, just amazing,” remarked a third.

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