Hearing impaired kid goes to Disney World, watch what Donald Duck does sweetly

It is our duty to make this world a more inclusive space for all. And the person in a Donald Duck costume at Disney World definitely knows how to do that job. The video has been shared on the Instagram page of a content creator named Christy Keane. On it, she has over 1.39 lakh dedicated followers who look forward to her regular photos and videos related to her family, fashion and the like.” Disney really IS the most magical place on Earth. Just casually grabbing a stroller rental then this happened when Charly was signing (ASL love-you gesture emoji) to the cast members,” Begins the caption that has been shared along with this video that has now gone all kinds of viral.

“Charly was smiling ear to ear and Handsome and I were both in tears with all the goosebumps. 5 years ago today we still had zero idea Charly could not hear us. We had no idea what the future would hold and I think everyone in the family felt this peace and joy. I hope this Donald can see this one day and know how much gratitude we have for this simple and most magical moment. Best 5th birthday present ever! Edited to add captioning should say I’m learning sign,” it concludes.

Watch the video right here:

Posted on August 4, this video has over 38.83 lakh likes on it so far.

“Charly was my inspiration to learn ASL!” commented an Instagram user. “Love this! Donald actually said he’s learning sign (when you have it captioned as ‘how old are you?’)” corrected another. “My granddaughter was there a couple of weeks ago and Mickey and Minnie noticed her Cochlears and asked if she had a sign language name yet. They taught her the sign for Mickey and Minnie,” shared a third.

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