Human encourages Husky to check out ‘scary’ noise. Hilarious video shows its reaction

The video showing a human encouraging their dog to check out a ‘scary noise’ was posted on Instagram.

Do you love watching dog videos? Then chances are you may have seen those videos which show huge dogs getting scared by tiniest of the things. Probably to counter that behaviour, this human tried encouraging their Husky to check out a ‘scary’ noise coming from downstairs. However, the result that their effort yields is hilarious. Captured and shared on Instagram, there is a possibility that the video of the doggo’s reaction will leave you chuckling.

The video is posted on an Instagram page dedicated to a Husky named Jackson. The caption of the clip reads, “He wants ME to check??”

The video opens to show the dog sitting in front of an open door. He is seen barking while looking at the door. His human is heard encouraging him to go and check the noise. The pooch, however, refuses to move even a single inch.

Take a look at the video:

Since being posted a few days ago, the video has gone viral. It has also accumulated nearly 2.1 million views and the numbers are only increasing. The share has also prompted people to post various comments.

“Nope I’ll handle it from right here,” posted an Instagram user imagining the dog’s thoughts. “‘Hell no I wanna be safe’… Jackson says,” shared another. “He didn’t sign up for guard duty. He needs to call his union rep,” joked a third. “I’ve watched this on a loop for over 10 minutes,” wrote a fourth.

What are your thoughts on the video?

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