Human showers rescue cat with kisses, kitty’s expression will melt your heart. Watch viral video

The video of the human showering the cat with kisses was posted on Reddit.

A heartening video of a cat and its pet dad was recently shared online. Since being posted, the clip has captured people’s attention and left some emotional too. There is a chance that the video will have the same effect on you.

The video was originally posted on TikTok. It captured people’s attention after being re-shared on Reddit. The video is shared with the caption, “Rescue boy feeling love for the first time. ”

The video opens to show a cat with its head stretched upwards and eyes closed. A person is seen sitting close to the kitty and showering it with tons of kisses. There is a chance that after seeing the video you won’t be able to say ‘aww.’

The video has been posted about 22 hours ago. Since being shared, the clip has accumulated more than 74,000 upvotes and the numbers are quickly increasing. The video also prompted people to share various love-filled comments.

“I just want to rescue ALL the cats. I watched this for like 10 minutes. He looks so happy,” posted a Reddit user. “Haha yes!! My grey furred boy turns to a puddle of love when I give him forehead smooches. That beautiful ginger boy of yours is going to be SOOO bonded to you!! He already is!!” expressed another. “Pure bliss,” shared a third. “I’m so glad the cat rescued this boy,” commented a fourth. “This post made me cry more than any other… thank you for rescuing that most precious baby,” wrote a fifth.

What are your thoughts on the video? Did the clip leave you smiling too?

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