IPS officer’s post on wheelchair-bound delivery man wins hearts

The post on wheelchair-bound delivery man was posted on Twitter by an IPS officer.

There are certain stories on the Internet that not just show people’s determination and grit but also emerge as inspiring examples for others. Case in point, this tale posted by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra about a wheelchair-bound man working as a delivery man.

Kabra shared the post in Hindi. When loosely translated to English, the post describes that the wheelchair-bound man is named Ganesh Murugan. “Meet Ganesh Murugan, India’s first wheelchair food delivery boy. He delivers food in his wheelchair. Chennai’s Ganesh Murugan found a way out without compromising on circumstances and took the path of self-reliance. He is an inspiration to all those who give up instead of fighting with difficulties,” it reads. His share is complete with a picture of the man.

Take a look at the post:

While replying to his own post, Kabra also added, “His exclusive wheelchair has been designed by a start-up at IIT Madras. The two-in-one motorized wheelchair can be detached at the press of a button and the rear part turns into a simple wheelchair as well. We have to resolve to tackle the challenges and then the paths themselves begin to form. ”

The post has prompted people to share various praiseful comments. While many wrote “Salute” to showcase their reactions, some did so by writing “Hat’s off.” A few also posted folded hands emoticons to showcase their appreciation.

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