Irritated With Power Cuts, Karnataka Man Goes to Electricity Office to Grind Masala & Charge Phone

Viral News: Needless to say, power cuts are pretty common in our country, especially in summers. Villages and small towns are the worst hit as long hours of power cuts compounded with scorching heat add to the woes of people. Irritated with long spells of power outages, a resident of Shivamogga district in Karnataka, found a rather unusual solution for it. The man identified as M Hanumanthappa, goes to his nearby electricity office almost every day to the grand masala and to charge his phone. Surprisingly, this has been going on for around 10 months now.Also Read – Viral Video: Teacher Retires After 50 Years, Entire School Sends Her Off in An Emotional Farewell | Watch

According to a News 18 report, Hanumanthappa’s family receives a power supply of only 3-4 hours a day, forcing them to live in dark for rest of the day. The aggrieved man  submitted complaints regarding not getting proper electricity at his home, but to no avail. He then decided to take this unusual step after an official told him to do so after a heated argument between them.

“How do you think we should grind masala and cook food at home? How should we charge our phones? That’s a basic necessity, I can’t go into my neighbour’s house every day for these” said Hanumanthappa. To this, the officer said, “Then go to the MESCOM office and grind your masala.”

Taking the officer’s words seriously, M Hanumanthappa has been visiting Mangalore power department office with few cell phone chargers, grinder and a jar. At the office, he uses his grinder to granulate spices, charges his cellphones and does all miscellaneous work related to electricity in the office in broad daylight.

Hanumanthappa has also submitted a requisition to MESCOM and every official concerned to give proper power supply to his house. According to News 18, a junior MESCOM official said that due to rains IP sets couldn’t be charged. However, he promised that the man will get proper electricity within a month.

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