Kid brings ball to park so a dog could play with him, watch how this pooch joins

Kids and pets have the best time with each other and for those of us who end up recording these memories, have some of the most cherishable ones in store. A video that has recently been shared on Reddit has been going viral for the very same reason. It opens to show a dog who can be seen playing with a little kid at the dog park. As the video progresses, one gets to know that this little kid who can be seen in the video had brought along a ball with him to the dog park – in hopes that some dog would join him in playing with it.

The video was shared with a caption that provides more context as to what can be seen happening in this particular video of the dog and the kid that has been shared on Reddit. “This kid brought a soccer ball to the dog park hoping a dog would play with him. My dog was happy to oblige!” reads the caption. It had been shared on the subReddit r/AnimalsBeingBros.

Watch it here:

Posted eight hours ago, the video has over 1,500 upvotes.

“It is weird if a forty year old man does the same thing? Asking for a friend, of course, unless you think that’s normal,” hilariously commented a Redditor. “Until my dog comes along. Suddenly no more air in said ball,” wrote another. “I love how they are taking turns kicking/moving the ball,” noted a third.

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