Kid thinks mom’s fake eyelashes will hurt her, gets emotional. Watch viral video

It is extremely adorable to see when kids get emotional about the needs and safety of their parents, and not just the other way round. In a video that has recently been shared on Instagram, one gets to see how a little boy gets quite emotional when his mother just takes off her fake eyelashes. He seems to think that this process will hurt her but in reality, it is painless. The caption that has been shared along with this video provides more context as to what can be seen happening in it. “When your baby can feel the pain for painless thing. This is called pure love and my baby felt the same. Love you. Best feeling,” it reads.

The video has been shared on Instagram on the page that is run by the woman who can be seen in this video. She has over 1,500 followers on her page and is named Nehal Kalra. She has also tagged the page that is dedicated to her adorable little munchkin named Divit Nagpal.

Watch it here:

The video was shared on Instagram on September 3 and has over 67,500 likes on it as of now.

“Aww how adorable,” shared an Instagram user. “Too cute yaar,” posted another individual. Many others took to the comments section of this video to urge the mother to tell her cute little son that the eyelashes are fake and that they don’t hurt her because he is very emotional about it.

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