Kili Paul, sister Neema lip-sync to Ali Zafar’s Jhoom in new viral video. Watch

If you are a regular on social media platforms and especially Instagram, then you might be knowing that the song Jhoom by Ali Zafar has been regaining a lot of popularity of late. There are also other kinds of videos and posts that make use of this trending audio with it. Hopping on the bandwagon is influencer Kili Paul and his sister Neema Paul in their newest viral video. And they ace the lip-sync to this viral song just like all their other videos.

In the video, Kili Paul can be seen in his traditional Tanzanian attire, in signature style. His sister, Neema Paul can also be seen standing right behind him in this video. While the brother lip-syncs to this viral song Jhoom by Ali Zafar in the viral video that they have shared on Instagram, sister Neema can be seen smiling adorably in the background as she enjoys the beats to this song.

Kili Paul can be seen emoting to the song and his expressions are totally on point, true to character. He has shared this video on Instagram and also tagged Ali Zafar in the caption. The rest of it reads, “Such a masterpiece.” The caption to this Instagram video is complete with the emojis of a few red hearts.

Watch Kili and Neema Paul’s latest viral video below:

The video was shared two days ago and has accumulated over 1.7 lakh likes already.

An Instagram user writes, “Y’all are so awesome, family.” “You rock,” reads another comment. A third comment reads, “Such a diamond.”

What are your thoughts on this video on Ali Zafar’s viral song Jhoom?

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