Labrador dog twirls to Mere Dholna from Bhool Bhulaiyaa in a viral video. Watch

Pets, be they dogs or cats, and their unique behaviours are always quite a delightful watch for those who get to see them and also for those who watch such videos. And a similar video that has been shared on Instagram has been going viral on it for all the right reasons and will most definitely make you laugh out loud and make you want to keep watching it on loop. It opens to show how a pet Labrador dog can be seen having a lot of fun while it gets some zoomies on its human’s bed.

But guess what the funniest part of this dog video is? This cute little munchkin can be seen dancing and twirling around to the song Mere Dholna from the 2007 film Bhool Bhulaiyaa. It was picturised on actor Vidya Balan and performed by Pritam, Shreya Ghoshal and M. G.Shreekumar. This video has been shared with a caption that reads, “Let’s roll baby. ” It has been accompanied by the emoji of a dancer.

Watch the video right here:

This video was posted on July 3 and has already received over 1.3 lakh likes. The comments section of this dog video is filled with people who were able to either relate or laugh about it.

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