Leopard Enters House in Nashik Village & Kills Pet Dog, Terrifying Attack Caught On CCTV | Watch

Nashik: In a horrific incident, a leopard entered a house in Mungsare village of Nashik and attacked a pet dog on Monday.  A video of the incident was captured on a CCTV camera and has gone viral on social media. The clip shows a black pet dog  sitting on the boundary wall of a house. Just then, a leopard appears from nowhere leaving the dog terrified. As the dog tries to escape, the leopard attacks the dog and takes it away from the house in his mouth.Also Read – Viral Video: Man Rescues Thirsty King Cobra Trapped in Fishnet, Feeds It Water | Watch

An official from the forest department said that the incident took place in Mungsare village around 12.30 am on Monday. The attack was captured by the CCTV cameras installed outside the house located on a farm.

Watch the video here: (Disturbing footage, Viewers’ Discretion advised)

The attack left locals in fear, following which personnel from the forest department rushed to the area and asked the villagers to remain alert. An official added that traps will be laid in the area to catch the predator. Speaking to news agency ANI, a forest official said, “We appeal to the people of Mungsare village to remain indoors at night as leopard activity has increased in this area. People must remain alert.”

Netizens too were left terrified to watch the video. One user wrote, ”Why do they keep their pet dogs outside when they know that a leopard could attack?” Frequent incidents of attacks on humans by leopards over the past couple of months had triggered huge panic and unrest among the local residents.

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