Like us, elephants can be introverts or extroverts too. Watch video to know how

If you are familiar with the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, you may already be aware of the types of posts they share on their Instagram account. The individuals who work with the trust, rescue and rehabilitate elephants, and they make informative posts that include both images and videos. Recently, they posted a video on their Instagram page showing how two elephants are entirely different in their personalities.

It comes with a detailed caption, part of which reads, “Just like us, some elephants are introverts and others are extroverts. Here, we have one of each! Shy Sileita (left) loves her alone time, while Esoit (right) is happiest when surrounded by action. You can really see their personalities shine through in this video — Esoit is trying to entice Sileita to join him for a dust bath, but she is not convinced that the boisterous young bull is the kind of company she wants to keep. In the end, everyone got what they wanted: As soon as Sileita drifted away for a quiet browsing session, tomboy Kinyei swooped over to join Esoit.”

Watch the video right here:

Since being uploaded on Instagram just two days ago, the elephant video has gotten more than 10,300 likes.

One comment reads, “Awww, that’s our boy Esoit. Always includes everyone in his antics. We have loved him since we adopted him in our dad’s memory when he passed away last July. So glad to see Sileita doing so well considering her sad beginning & our girl Kinyei always in the thick of things! Thank you for all you do for these precious babies!” “Bless their hearts. And God bless everyone at Sheldrick and everyone here who supports them,” an Instagram user remarks. A third reaction reads, “Awww my little bull Esoit!”

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