Little boy waves at school bus every morning. Driver surprises him one day

Life is all about finding little joys and being there for each other. If there is something that people can learn from kids, it is their ability to make friends easily and form bonds with strangers. In a really heartwarming video posted on Instagram, a young boy formed a really sweet bond with the driver of a school bus. The video was posted by the Instagram account lifewithvaidyas on May 13. It has got more than 2.2 million views so far making it really viral. In the video it is shown how the boy made a connection with the driver of the school bus.

Every morning at 8:15, a school bus used to stop outside the boy’s house. So, he and his mother used to go out every morning to wave at it. The boy used to say hi to the bus driver who said it back every day for the last six months. However, one day the driver stopped, especially to give something to the boy named Vihaan. It was a toy mini bus. The driver said that it was his last day as he was retiring from the job so he wanted to bring something for the boy. So, they decided to do something special for the man in return. On his last shift, they waited for the bus to arrive. The boy gave the bus driver a farewell box of cookies, a gift card and a thank you card with his own drawings. The man’s reaction on receiving the gift is heartwarming to watch as he thanked the family.

“World is a kind place if we see through a child’s eyes!” says the caption of the video.

Watch the video below:

“This is so beautiful,” commented an Instagram user. “My son is obsessed with garbage truck. We do the same when garbage truck comes,” posted another. A third individual commented, “That was the sweetest gesture.”

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