Little girl gets sad when her parcel isn’t delivered, watch what happens next

If you love to shop online or not, you will definitely understand the eager wait that comes after you order something that you really want to have as soon as possible. This is pretty much what can be seen in this one video on part of a little girl. The clip that has been shared on Instagram on the page that is run by her mother named Rachel who goes by The Girly Mama, has received millions of views on it so far and the numbers only keep going up. It opens to show the little girl’s reaction when she thinks that her parcel will get delivered in the mail but it is only some things that her mom had ordered that got delivered at that point. However, the little munchkin does not lose hope and continues to look for the parcel that she finds by the end of the video.

The video has been shared on the social media platform along with the caption that provides more insight as to what can be seen happening in this clip. “I was NOT EXPECTING that! I seriously wasn’t expecting this box to not have her glasses in it! I felt horrible! But we did figure out pretty quickly that they came in the actual mailbox so we HAD to go and get them. She just loves her glasses and wears them every day!” it reads.

Watch the video right here:

This video was posted on September 2 and has already received over 6.94 lakh likes.

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