Little girl would be ‘fine with’ skipping school to snuggle with pet cat. Watch

The bonds between pets and children who live under the same roof, are always delightful ones to behold. And that is exactly what can be seen in this one video that has been shared on Instagram and has been going viral ever since, owing to the cutest of reasons. It features a little girl and her pet cat who can be seen snuggling very close to each other. Their adorable bond makes viewers want to keep watching this cat video over and over again and keep going ‘aww’ with every watch. One gets to see how the little girl tries to explain how she would be alright if she had to skip school and just cuddle with her cat all day.

“She’s fine with it,” reads the caption that accompanies this video, quite hilariously referencing what the little girl has to say as an explanation. The video has been shared on the Instagram page that goes by Joy and Treasure. With over 68,000 followers, it often chronicles the day-to-day adventures of this cat, who can be seen in this video and is named Joy.

Watch it here:

Posted on September 9, this video has so far garnered 1.6 million views on it.

“I can’t stop watching this,” admitted an Instagram user. “Her logic is truly flawless,” supported another individual. “I also want to stay home and snuggle with my cats all day long,” related a third.

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