Man ‘cures’ dog’s toy. Watch what happens after

Our furry friends love playing with their toys, sometimes these toys may be damaged. This dog on Instagram doesn’t have to worry about her toys getting ‘hurt’, she has a pawrent who would stitch her toy right up and ‘cure’ it.

The video opens to show Maggie, an indie dog patiently watching her pawpaw fix her favourite toy dolphin. She proceeds to move her head along with her dad’s needle. Maggie urges her dad to hurry up and tries to take her toy, just as he pulls it away.

After finishing up with Dolphie’s ‘treatment’, pawpaw hand over the toy to the dog. Ecstatic Maggie gives her toy a good shake before it falls to the ground. Simultaneously, the text on the screen reads “Thank you pawpaw” on her behalf. The video was shared on @that_indie_doggo’s Instagram page, and the caption reads “Me waiting for my Pawpaw to cure my dolphie.”

Watch it here:

The reel was shared two weeks ago, since then the video has amassed over 6.5 Lakh views and 46,000 likes. Many have shared their thoughts in the comment section.

An Instagram user writes “She is testing the craftsmanship. “Good enough”. Another calls out the pup “immediately starts destroying it”. A third comment reads “Thank you, papa.. I will come back soon for the service,” on the dog’s behalf.

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