Man meets great-granddaughter named after his late wife. Watch how he reacts

The wonderful video of a man meeting his great-granddaughter for the first time was posted on Twitter.

Meeting one’s great grandchild for the very first time is an experience that will always be incomparable to any other. That’s what has been showcased in this one video shared on Twitter. It opens to show how a man meets his great-granddaughter for the very first time. But the most important and noteworthy part of this video is his reaction to knowing that the little baby is named after his late wife. The video was shared on the Twitter handle of Good News Correspondent, which has over 80,000 followers on it.

“This grandpa lost the love of his life last summer. Her name was Anna, & she went by Anny (Annie). He even named his boat Anny Baby. He just flew down from Wisconsin to meet the new baby, Annie Rae. This is the first time he held her. Just like Anny,” reads the caption to this video. There is a good chance that you will find the reaction on part of this great grandfather utterly emotional and heartwarming.

Take a look at the video that is sure to tug at your heartstrings:

Since being shared, the video has gathered more than 37,000 views. It has also received nearly 1,400 likes. People have posted various comments to react to the video. “So beautiful to see him smile again. May the Lord give him the strength to bear the loss of his wife,” shared a Twitter user. “Annie Rae might not see his grandpa when she grew up… But she indeed has a great memory with his grandpa. What a beautiful moment,” expressed another.

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