Man plays original song for childhood piano teacher, her reaction is priceless

Teachers who shape our life and teach us the basics of every little thing during our childhood are simply irreplaceable in our lives. The pride and sense of accomplishment that they have when they see their students all grown-up and achieving great things, become core memories for them as well. In one such a video that has recently been shared by a musician named JVKE on Instagram, one gets to see how his childhood piano teacher reacts when he plays his original song for her on the piano. The video opens to show the artist sitting down on a stool and beginning to play his original piece with a wide smile on his face. The teacher listens to her former student’s talent keenly before she gets very emotional and that’s what has made this video all kinds of viral on the social media platform.

“This song is called golden hour and the link is in my bio ily all,” reads the caption that accompanies this Instagram video that showcases this bond of love and respect between the teacher and her former student. The video has been shared on the verified page of this artist which has over 6.13 lakh followers on it who look forward to his posts, both photos and videos.

Watch the video below:

Shared on August 23, this video has gone massively viral, enough to garner over 42.1 million views on the site.

“Amazing video,” commented on Instagram user. “Bro I used to be a music teacher in this definitely got me,” shared another individual. “The proud look on her face,” pointed out a third.

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