Man shakes his body to show wet golden retriever how to dry himself, dog seems utterly confused. Watch

Have you wondered what a pet is thinking when their humans does strange things around them? Well, this video gives an idea by imagining a dog’s perspective when his human tries to help him. The video is extremely hilarious and may leave you in splits.

The video is posted on the dog’s Instagram page called ‘beaunosebones’. It features the life of a Golden Retriever named Beau who lives in New Jersey, USA.

The funny clip opens to show Beau after a fresh bath. A man can be seen shaking his body while looking at Beau sitting in front of him. The caption sheds some light on what’s happening in the video. “When dad thinks him showing me how to ‘shake’ will miraculously make me know how to do it myself,” reads the caption inserted on the video.

The man continues to shake his body trying to tell the doggo to shake off the excess water on his fur while he’s still inside the tub. The pupper, however, doesn’t seem too interested in copying his dad. The camera pans over Beau who has a blank expression as he stares at his dad.

“I know how to shake, I’d just rather do it when I’m right next to dad. Also, idk if he’s actually showing me how to ‘shake’ or trying out a new dance move,” reads the hilarious caption shared along with the video.

Watch the video below:

Since being posted on May 26, the video has collected over 1.3 lakh likes and several delightful comments.

“OMG I do this and my dog just stares at me like I’m a weirdo. Then shakes the second he’s out of the bathtub,” posts an individual. “Hooman needs to take shower and then do the shakes while he is still wet for Beau to understand this,” jokes another.

The video also has many comments from other doggo accounts.

“He’s like ‘imma keep watching you make yourself look funny’,” reads a comment. “My hooman do this too and it gives me a major confuse,” says another. “Love that demonstration, Dad,” reads a third comment.

What do you think about this video? Did it make you laugh out loud?

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