Man surprises doggo best friend by making a special cake on his birthday. Watch

The bond between humans and their pets is irreplaceable and something that both of them look forward to every single day that they spend together. And making every single day special for each other definitely comes as part of the package. This particular video that has been shared on Instagram shows how a man makes his pet dog’s birthday very special by making him a birthday cake from scratch.

The adorable video begins with some text inserts. These narrate the fact that this man’s ‘best friend’ often makes a fuss about what he is going to eat or not. A lot of people get confused at the beginning of this video because the man does not specify that the best friend who is being spoken about is, in fact, a four-legged friend.

“His reaction,” reads the caption. It was shared on Instagram on the page of a video creator named Raphael Gomes. He has over 2.4 lakh followers.

Watch it below:

On June 8, the sweet video of the cake being prepared for the lovely doggo was posted on Instagram. People who just like dogs and couldn’t quit praising this particular one have showered the video with over 5.98 lakh likes and several comments.

“I was wondering why the ingredients were so plain,” wrote one. “I thought this was for a gym bro with all the healthy ingredients,” posted another. “I honestly thought this was for a human that had a lot of allergies or something but this is so much better,” commented a third.

How would you celebrate your dog’s birthday?

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