Mom kisses baby, watch what she does to shower mom with love

The bonds between children and their parents are always a special one. These bonds start out at a very young age, right from the time that the children are born and go on forever. And that is exactly what can be seen in a video that has recently been shared on Instagram and has been going all kinds of viral, owing to the cutest of reasons. The video opens to show a little baby and her mom in frame. One gets to see how the mother gives her baby some kisses in order to let her know that she loves her. But what follows is the cutest thing ever and will make you go ‘aww.’

The video has been shared on the Instagram page of this mother who is named Sara. “The best kisses,” reads the caption that accompanies this adorable video of the little baby and how she shows her love towards her mom in the cutest way that will make you want to keep watching the video on loop. The page that this video has been shared on has over 1.16 lakh followers on it so far.

Watch it below:

Since being posted on July 20, this video has over 97,500 likes.

“I wish someone would attack me with kisses like that,” said an Instagram user. “OMG baby kisses give me life,” wrote another. “Her cheeks,” pointed out a third.

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