Mom teaches five-month-old baby to take selfies. Watch the cute result

Have you ever seen some babies who know exactly when their photos are being taken and start posing? Well, one such baby can be seen in a video that has been going all kinds of viral on Instagram. The video opens to show the mother and her little baby in frame. The video opens with a text insert that reads, “I somehow taught my five-month-old how to take a Polaroid selfie.” And lo and behold, that is exactly what one gets to see in this video. It proceeds to show both the moon and the little baby looking directly into the Polaroid camera and posing with sweet smiles. “Obsessed,” reads the caption to this video which is also followed by the emoji of a camera.

It was shared on the Instagram page of the woman who can be seen in this video who also happens to be the mother of the little baby in it. Her name is Lauren Derouen and she has over 85,000 followers on this page. Her Instagram bio states that she is a videographer who is based in Louisiana in the United States of America.

Watch it here:

Posted on July 4, this video of the baby and mom has received over 5.74 lakh likes on it so far.

“Your mini-me looks so cute, posing it up,” posted an Instagram user. “She is posing with adorable attitude,” shared another individual. “Homegirl knows her angles already,” pointed out a third.

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