Naag-Naagin Ka Pyar: 2 Snakes Indulge in Mating Dance, Internet is Fascinated | Watch Viral Video

Naag Naagin Love Video: When you think of a snake, the first word that comes to mind is fear! Needless to say, snakes are scary creatures and no matter the size or breed, any encounter with them is terrifying. Still, many people love watching snake videos as they are quite interesting and fascinating. In one such video, two snakes were spotted outside a restaurant, engaged in some kind of romantic dance. Yeah, we are not kidding! In the video, two snakes are coiled up together as if they are making love. They can be seen slowly wrapping themselves around each other in a beautifully coordinated manner.Also Read – Viral Video: Snake Seen Emerging Out of Toilet Bowl, Leaves Internet Horrified | Watch

This video of Naag-Naagin has been uploaded on Twitter by The Figen and is captioned as, “How romantic.”

Watch the video here:

Meanwhile, people don’t seem scared after seeing the snake, as they are seen coming in and out of the restaurant. People are also seen recording the act on their phones. The video has amassed more than 1.6 million views, with more than 250 retweets. Many users called it a love dance, while others thought that they are engaged in some kind of fight. One persin called it gorgeous, while another jokingly wrote, “Get a room!” What was happening there, according to you?

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