Netizens find Harsh Goenka’s share of cycle with a makeshift backseat impressive

It is rightly said that a mother will go to any length when it comes to her child’s safety and comfort. And this is just what this beautiful video captures. Shared on Twitter by RPG Group’s chairperson Harsh Goenka, the video shows a woman cycling on the road with her child seated in a makeshift seat at the back.

“What a mother won’t do for her child,” wrote Harsh Goenka while sharing the video with his 1.7 million followers on Twitter. The now-viral clip shows a woman riding a cycle with a small pink-coloured plastic chair attached to it as a backseat for her child.

Watch the viral video shared by Harsh Goenka below:

The video was shared two days ago and has since raked up more than 1.4 million views. It has also received several comments.

“Mother of all innovations begin with a mother and her innovative efforts to keep a child happy,” wrote a Twitter user. “A mother always has to think twice,once for herself once for her child,” posted another. “Indians are expert in jugaad,” commented a third. “What a lovely sight to behold. Mother has created a throne for her little prince!” shared a fourth.

Earlier, Harsh Goenka shared a video from Japan that shows how drivers stopped their vehicles at a zebra crossing to let a little girl cross the road easily. It also showed the kind gesture that the girl extended after reaching the other side of the road.

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