Optical Illusion: Can You Find The 2 Birds Hiding On This Building Within 20 Seconds?

Viral Optical Illusion Puzzle: Recently, we have come across several mind-boggling optical illusions that leave netizens scratching their heads. Whether it’s a picture puzzle or something hidden inside a painting, optical illusions are always fun to solve. A picture of a piece of two birds hiding somewhere on a building at W 120th St in New York,  US, is going viral on social media that challenges people to spot the birds hiding in plain sight.Also Read – IQ Test: Guess Who Murdered This Woman And Prove You’re As Smart As Sherlock

This puzzle is the most difficult one we’ve come across in a long time as it is said that the birds can only be spotted by one per cent of people. The puzzle image shows a traffic light with a street sign and a red-brick building. Somewhere on this huge building, two little birds are sitting. Also Read – Optical Illusion Image of 2 Wild Horses Walking on Water Baffles Netizens

Do you take the challenge of solving this brain teaser in under 20 seconds? Take a close look at the optical illusion picture above. Viewers were baffled as most of them could not find all the hidden birds in the given time limit, no matter how much they stared at the picture. So, here’s a solution that will help you spot the hidden birds easily. Also Read – Viral Video: Artist Creates Optical Illusion With 3D Painting on Tree Trunk, Wows Netizens


The two little birds can be seen in the right-middle of the picture, sitting on a ledge, where the building’s name is written.

Did you manage to find the hidden birds?

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