‘Padhai karte karte budha ho jaunga’, says toddler as he refuses to study

As soon as the school day would end, we all wished to return home and play with our friends. However, something which would always come between our playtime was the homework. We all dreaded the moment we would sit with our parents and complete the question-answer list. Recently, a video showing a similar experience of a toddler trying to finish his homework went viral. This clip is sure to remind you of your school days. In the video uploaded by Twitter user @Gulzar_sahab, the teary-eyed toddler is seen throwing a tantrum while trying to complete his homework with his mother.

In the short 30-second-long clip, the little boy says, “Zindagi bhar padhai karte karte buddha ho jaunga [I will grow old while studying for the whole life].” To this, his mom replies by saying, “Buddha kyu hojayga tu? [Why will you get old?]” Then the kid again throws a tantrum at her. At last, her mother says, “Padh likh ke budha hona. [Get educated and become old]”

Take a look at the full video of the toddler crying over his homework here:

Since this video was uploaded on Twitter, it has been viewed more than five lakh times. The video also has more than 23,000 likes and thousands of re-tweets. Many users were amused by this video. A user commented, “Bache ke jazbat koi nahi samjh sakta.” Another user wrote, “Poor kid. Please make learning fun for kids and praise them often.” Someone even said, “Beta budha hone se better hai, padh-likh ke budha bano.” A fourth user added, “Omg, my daughter does the same.” Many other users have reacted using emojis. What do you think about this video?

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