Parents surprise little girl with a cute puppy in this adorable way. Watch

Parents are always good with giving surprises and making the most mundane of moments when the child was expecting nothing, into an entirely magical one. And that is exactly what can be seen in this one video that has been shared on Instagram and has been winning hearts all over the comment section. There is a high chance that this video will tug at your heart strings, and make you want to keep watching it over and over again, owing to the sweetest of reasons. The video showcases what happens when a mother and a father decide to surprise their sweet little girl with an equally adorable puppy. “I bet this one will get you,” reads the caption that accompanies this heartwarming video.

The video opens to show the daughter and the father standing outside of the car, while the mother records the video and keeps the surprise puppy safe with her. Of course, in time, the father ends up giving the puppy to his daughter while making her think that he is going to hand her a stuffed toy. The video has been shared on Instagram on the personal page of the mother of the little girl in this video, named Jennifer Kvande.

Take a look at the video right here:

Shared on August 24, this video has received over 5,500 views on it. As of now. It has also received various appreciative comments.

“Adorable daughter, wonderful dad and cutest baby,” reads a sweet comment on the social media platform. “Made my day omg,” shares another. “Love this so much,” commented a third.

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