Passenger gets stuck in gap between train and platform. Watch how he was rescued

An incident of two Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel saving the life of a man who got stuck in the gap between a train and platform was recently posted online. The video has prompted people to appreciate the gestures of the cops. There is a chance that after seeing the video, you will want to applaud the officials too.

RPF took to their official Twitter handle to share the video. They also shared more about the incident in the caption. “Yet another story of Bravery and Courage! #Everydayheroes RPF ASI Arunjit & Lady HC P.P. Mini in utter disregard to their own safety, went beyond their call of duty to pull out a passenger back to platform when he got stuck in the gap between platform and train at Coimbatore stn,” they wrote.

The video shows a man slipping while trying to board a moving train. He instantly gets stuck in the gap and the two cops risk their lives to rescue the passenger.

Take a look at the video:

The video was posted on September 23. Since being shared, the video has gathered close to 6,500 views and the numbers are only increasing.

The share has also prompted people to post various comments. “Great work. Well done,” wrote a Twitter user. “Good job,” posted another. “Well done,” commented a third. “Tremendous job done. Keep it up,” expressed a fourth.

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