Pet cat loves to hug its dog big brother. Watch their bond in this cute video

The bonds between siblings are always irreplaceable. From the time that they are born, to when they are growing up, and finally when they are full-grown others – sibling bonds are some of the most precious ones to exist. Just like this one duo of a pet cat and a dog. One can witness the lovely bond between these two munchkins in a video that was recently posted on Instagram. Given that the caption is written from the feline’s point of view and refers to the dog as ‘big brother,’ it is immediately clear that the dog is the older animal.

“Love my big brother Icky,” reads the caption of this cute video involving a cat and a dog that was shared on Instagram. The video was shared on the page dedicated to the cat who can be seen in this video and is named Winky. This cat has more than 1.7 lakh followers on the page where a variety of images and videos document its daily exploits, frequently involving other animals and the like.

Watch the video right here:

Since being uploaded on Instagram on June 13, the video has gotten more than 13,500 likes.

On Instagram, one person writes, “Way too adorable you two are.” “Aww…You melt my heart,” another user adds. A third response reads, “Love this.” A fourth comment is addressed to the cat and it reads, “Your brother is very cute!”

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