Pet cat’s reaction on seeing popcorn pop for the first time will win your heart

There are so many new things to do every single day, especially when you are a cute little pet. In this video that has been shared on Instagram and has been gaining popularity ever since, one gets to see how a cute little pet cat reacts when it gets to see popcorn pop for the very first time in its life. The video is too sweet to watch and this has been the reason why many people have been watching it on loop and even going ‘aww’ repeatedly while at it. “IT’S MAGIC. But seriously, look at that focus!” reads its caption.

The video of this pet cat has been shared on the social media platform with a text insert that provides more context as to what can be seen happening in it. “Please enjoy this video of Gandalf watching popcorn pop for the very first time,” it reads. The video has been shared on Instagram on the page that is dedicated to this fur baby who goes by IndoorOutdoorKat. It has over 1.16 lakh dedicated followers on it.

Watch the cat video below:

Posted on August 23, this video has received almost 65,000 likes on it so far. And the numbers only keep going up.

“Is it her new favourite activity?” asked an Instagram user. “Gandalf is the most cat that I have ever seen, she’s just so cat,” hilariously wrote another individual. “Gandalf is fascinated,” pointed out a third.

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