Raspberry ice-cream Maggi baffles netizens. Would you think of giving it a try?

People who sell food items often keep going to newer and weirder extents when it comes to experimenting with them. And in one such instance, a vendor has now made Maggi noodles but with a twist that you could possibly not foresee. He ends up adding a raspberry ice-cream lolly into the boiling noodles. This has not only baffled people on Instagram, where this video has been shared, but also led them to post their thoughts on it in the comments section that will probably echo your own.

It has been shared on the social media platform by RJ Rohan. He has over 24,000 followers on the social media networking site and posted the video there. According to his bio, he is working with Delhi’s 93.5 Red FM. In his ‘Chef Kaandi’ series of Instagram videos, he is well recognised for posting such odd culinary pairings.

Watch the video right here:

This video was posted just a day ago and has received over 600 likes.

“Commentary was epic. The way the whole process is described,” pointed out a user on Instagram. This comment was accompanied by an emoji of a laughing face with tears in its eyes. “Are you serious?” asked a second. “Haha epic,” said a third.

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