Reddit post shows ‘national spoon of India.’ See pic to see if you have one too

A Reddit user recently shared a picture of a steel spoon and has asked for a petition to declare it the ‘National Spoon of India’ as he believes that it can be found in every Indian household. The post soon gained traction online as netizens found it relatable. There are chances that you may also find one in your kitchen.

“Petition to declare this National Spoon of India,” read the caption posted alongside the photo. The photo features a spoon having an intricate design from its neck to its handle. A text inserted on the photo reads, “Are you even desi if you don’t have this spoon?”

Take a look at the post below:

Since being posted four days ago, the post has received more than 4,200 upvotes and over 260 comments.

“I have similarly design of spoon,” posted an individual. “Almost everyone has this spoon. lol,” wrote another. “I even use this after moving to USA,” shared a third. “I have this! My neighbour has it. My friends have it. It is THE spoon!” commented a fourth.

A Reddit user enquired, “I still don’t understand how did almost everyone in the country ended up having the same spoon/fork, etc. Like does anyone know the history of this?” “This was the exact spoon issued to me by the armed forces years ago,” shared another.

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